TRCON is an international construction, design and consultancy firm operating within the traditional boundaries of architecture, urbanism and construction.


TRCON works in most fields of design and build, highlighting its work in healthcare, hospitals, health center, as well, housing projects, religious buildings,hotels, shopping centersand landscape projects. 


Our solutions are methodically and holistically created following a rigorous analysis of the local context.  We look to set new global standards by fostering a design and build process which uniquely integrates urban planning, landscape, architecture and,design of specific building components.


Our team consists of a solid professional staff that collaborate with expert partners to achieve the highest quality in all technologies involved in architecture.



Our team composed by experts of their own branch’s, vision is alwaystotake success one step further with our designsenvironmentally sensitive andresponding the need of human life.



Our mission is to holistically create solid, qualified solutions based on international values adapted to future global challenges.



We promise longevity and clever solutions in everything we create by delivering design that can pass the test of time and serve both clients and users with great value from start to finish.



Our values are strongly focused on professionalism, credibility, quality, innovation, agility and loyalty.



Collaboration is a guiding force at TRCON, as we believe that the best results stem from an ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders. With our clients as our partners, we approach each project as a unique challenge. Our integrated practice brings together experts in architecture, interior design, engineering, and urban planning to create innovative solutions.

Our performance ranges from the first plans, the feasibility studies and the analysis of alternatives, to the complete development of projects such as construction, management and inspection also, supervision,quality, time and costs control. Our studies proceed with expert partnersin different fields, from the technical to the humanistic, forming a crossed and multidisciplinary team. All the projects are approached with a high degree of commitment to quality and sustainability, values that are inherent in today’s society, and service oriented. 



TRCON especially distinguishes itself with health care projects in public and private sector. However, we are also active in the sectors like housing, hotels, religious buildings,shopping centerslandscape recreational area and we regularly realize new projects subjects for our clients. We can use our knowledge and experience for the benefit of all our clients due to our experience developingdifferent kinds of projects in Turkia as well as overseas.We have contributed significantly to the development of welfare societies in the rest of the world. We are developing works in Turkey, Algeria, Pakistan and Sudan, presently.